Kids Printable for Summer Goals

Kids printable for summer goals from #FreePrintable #Organization #SummerGoals

Let’s be honest. While I absolutely adore summer – the much needed break from schedules and early mornings – it can quickly become a cesspool of laziness and boredom. My husband and I both run our businesses from home which means we have to work even harder to keep some structure and boundaries in place to ensure our productivity doesn’t falter as well as making sure the kids enjoy their time off in the summer. And so that we can ensure their survival. From us. Throttling them. I kid, I kid, but if you are a fellow parent I know you know what I am talking about. So this summer we are trying something new and I wanted to make sure and share this kids printable for summer goals with you so that you can try it with your little ones and hopefully have a relaxing, happy and productive summer as a family.

Kids printable for summer goals from #FreePrintable #Organization #SummerGoals

Kids printable for summer goals from #FreePrintable #Organization #SummerGoals

I created these printables in the hopes that it will help my kiddos make sure they are contributing to the household management and upkeep of daily do’s, remember the things they need to be accomplishing and working on before the new school year as well as limiting their screen time – both TV and devices. And because summer needs to be about fun and memories, they will also be able to decide on their monthly bucket list items beginning now and for the next two months.

Kids printable for summer goals from #FreePrintable #Organization #SummerGoals

In our home, we have ages ranging from 11 all the way down to 4 so I wanted to make sure the olders had one version that was more age appropriate based on their goals and that the little ones had an adjusted setup. And of course, these are completely FREE printables for you so just keep reading to catch them for yourself.

I have included both the older and younger version for the months of June, July and August. So a total of 6 free printables depending on the ages of your kiddos.

Kids printable for summer goals from #FreePrintable #Organization #SummerGoals

One thing I did for my younger ones to make it more kid-friendly, was I added small clip art icons to each of their assigned daily do’s. You can find things like this by searching “free clipart” on Google, saving them, and then dragging and dropping them onto your printable when you open it up in Photoshop Elements or another editing program. I also made sure to attach a sheet of stickers to each one for them to use to mark off their daily reading. Little ones and stickers are a big hit so I thought it would make it even more exciting. Fingers crossed. 

Kids printable for summer goals from #FreePrintable #Organization #SummerGoals

We are beginning these today in our home and they will hang on the fridge for the kids to access them daily. They know that before any screen time they are expected to complete their daily do’s and the olders are expected to help the youngers get their jobs done if needed as well as help them get things marked off. I’m hoping for independence and team work rather than arguing and fighting, but I know not expect perfection. Just the good ol’ college try!

Be sure and keep up with me on social media because I will definitely be sharing how this process is going at our house this summer. Click the links below to download and print each version and I hope you enjoy!

Younger Kids Summer Printable for June

Younger Kids Summer Printable for July

Younger Kids Summer Printable for August

Older Kids Summer Printable for June

Older Kids Summer Printable for July

Older Kids Summer Printable for August


June 1, 2017


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