Bump Update at Twenty One Weeks


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Bump update at twenty weeks and my new favorite summer dress | HausOfLayne.com #Style #Maternity

Unbelievable that we are already over half way through this pregnancy. Depending on the day, how I’m feeling and how hot it is outside it’s been both really quick and really long. Haha. I thought I would spend a little time today giving you a bump update at twenty one weeks as well as sharing with you my new favorite summer dress that is NOT maternity! So if you love it, don’t worry if you don’t happen to have a baby bump. I squeezed mine into it. Wink!

Bump update at twenty weeks and my new favorite summer dress | HausOfLayne.com #Style #Maternity

I’ll start with the biggest news which is… we found out we are expecting another BOY!! So thrilled and cannot wait to meet him. Still brainstorming names, but I will share it when we know.

Baby is approximately the size of a carrot and already waking me up in the early AM hours with movement. Kicks and flutters are getting stronger which has been so fun to feel once again. The biggest blessing is that everything looks really great and all is healthy with Baby after our 20 week ultrasound.

Bump update at twenty weeks and my new favorite summer dress | HausOfLayne.com #Style #Maternity

Weight gain thus far has totaled four pounds which is completely normal for my pregnancies as well as a bit of a relief. Those of you who have followed along know that this babe was a sweet surprise for us and that I was still getting back to “me” following a break down last year which is why the surprise of this babe started out a little more like shock. My OB has been wonderful and supportive in making sure I am not stressing over “eating for two”, which is an archaic notion anyway, but that as long as I feel good that Baby will be getting everything he needs.

The biggest change for me has been the sleep this babe has required. Or forced. From the very beginning, the exhaustion I have felt has been a little hard to cope with especially with four kids already to keep up with as well as running a business. At times I have felt worthless and frustrated because simply putting a load of laundry in or getting through one deadline will make me feel like I ran a marathon. So Baby and I have been enjoying being in bed and asleep by 9:00 PM which is a complete 180 turn from my late-night tendencies. I’m naturally a total night owl.

Another change with this pregnancy has been the body aches and pains. They started really early on and I know it is due to not being in shape as well as increase in age. However, it’s mentally frustrating to feel like you can’t do much.

Bump update at twenty weeks and my new favorite summer dress | HausOfLayne.com #Style #Maternity

Cravings started very early on which was far different than any other pregnancy. Chips and salsa has been a must just like all my others, but this one has me craving and then not craving as soon as it’s been cooked or my husband has arrived home with it. Definitely frustrating. I have also craved a lot of unhealthy things while at the same time not being able to get enough salad. Any and all kinds of salads. This time around, I have not been able to handle the smell or taste of syrup or bacon. Pizza and red pasta sauce dishes make my heart burn go through the roof and I am downing water as long as it has lemon in it. Desserts have not been something I crave or ask for, but I can’t count the number of Pay Day candy bars I have had!

Bump update at twenty weeks and my new favorite summer dress | HausOfLayne.com #Style #Maternity

The kids are so excited and counting down the months. And now that we know we are having a boy, I am looking forward to doing some shopping. Especially because we have nothing. Yes, can you believe it? I gave everything away awhile after Miss Blair because I just didn’t see a fifth one happening. Surprise!

All in all, this pregnancy has been good to me. I have been less sick than any of my other pregnancies, but I think that is just His way of giving me a little bit of a break with all that I have on my plate and not seeing this one coming. Or at least I would like to think that’s the reason. I am so grateful that Baby is growing and healthy and here’s to another 19 weeks just the two of us.

Bump update at twenty one weeks and my new favorite summer dress | HausOfLayne.com #Style #Maternity

And thank goodness for clothes like this dress to make a waddling pregnant girl feel beautiful and comfortable in triple digit heat. This is not a maternity dress, but I fell in love with the print and style and wanted to give it a try. Especially at such a great price.

Dress: You can find it right here. The top is supposed to be worn off the shoulder for that trendy summer look, but because I prefer a more modest look, on the shoulder works great too.

Shoes: You can score these at Target here. These were my first go with lace-up sandals and I am loving the look for this summer.

Bump update at twenty weeks and my new favorite summer dress | HausOfLayne.com #Style #Maternity

And a big thank you for all of the well wishes and congratulations on social media and messages. You guys are the best and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you all!


June 5, 2017


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