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Discover how to live seasonally and the secret to thriving this winter! Dive into my guide for seasonal wellness and embracing these months as a time to slow down and recharge as busy moms and entrepreneurs. Click to transform your winter season! #WinterWellness #HealthAndWellness #SimpleLiving #Entrepreneur

Ah, winter. That magical time of year when the world slows down, and yet, somehow, we expect ourselves to keep sprinting. But we are flipping the script. We are unplugging from old ways and societal norms. Here, we’re not just going to survive the frosty season; we’re going to thrive in it (take that, winter blues!). We’re diving into why slowing down this winter is not just a ‘nice-to-have’ but an absolute must for your sanity, health, and creative spark. So, grab your favorite hot drink, and let’s tackle living seasonally and how to thrive in the winter.

Understanding the Seasonal Slow Down

Let’s talk about the natural cycle of seasons, shall we? You know, that thing where every other creature on Earth gets the memo to take a chill pill during winter, but us humans? Nope, we missed that memo. Instead, we’re guzzling down coffee like it’s a magic elixir and powering through. But here’s a wild thought: what if we, like those oh-so-wise bears and trees, actually took a hint from Mother Nature and used winter as a time to rest and renew? Revolutionary, right?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Slow down in winter? With my business, kids, and the million other things on my plate? You must be joking!’ And to that, I say, ‘I hear you, sister!’ The world’s spinning faster than a toddler after three cupcakes, and we’re supposed to just… relax? But hear me out. There’s something magical that happens when we sync up with the season. Imagine a winter where you’re not just constantly running on the hamster wheel of productivity but actually taking time to breathe, plan, and rejuvenate. 

Let’s dare to do the unthinkable this winter. Let’s try (and I mean really try) to embrace this season for what it’s meant to be: a time to recharge our battery. Who knows, we might just find ourselves a little saner, healthier, and ready to conquer the world come spring. Or at least not feel like we’re perpetually chasing our own tails. 

The Health Benefits of Embracing Winter

Slowing down in winter is like a secret superpower for your physical health. Think about it: less rushing around means less stress and less stress means your body isn’t always in fight or flight mode. Surprise, your body actually functions better when it’s not constantly on high alert. Who would have thought, right? And let’s not forget the bonus of not catching every cold that comes your way because, let’s face it, your immune system is not a fan of the non-stop hustle.

Now, onto the pièce de résistance: mental wellness. Embracing a slower pace in the winter can be like hitting the reset button on your brain. Less chaos, more clarity. It’s about giving your mind the space to breathe, so you’re not always feeling like you’re two steps away from a caffeine-fueled meltdown. Reduced anxiety, check. A better work-life balance, double-check. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll find that elusive thing they call ‘inner peace’ (or at least not feel like you’re perpetually on the verge of a nervous breakdown)

Discover how to live seasonally and the secret to thriving this winter! Dive into my guide for seasonal wellness and embracing these months as a time to slow down and recharge as busy moms and entrepreneurs. Click to transform your winter season! #WinterWellness #HealthAndWellness #SimpleLiving #Entrepreneur

Tips + Daily Habits for Winter

So how does one embrace the slower pace of winter? How are we going to thrive? I’m so glad you asked. As someone susceptible to winter blues, I have a few tips and mindful routines I wanted to share with you. I know, I know. The word ‘mindful’ might conjure images of Zen masters meditating on mountaintops, but stay with me. We’re talking about simple stuff here, like meditating for a few minutes each morning. Yes, even amidst the chaos of spilled milk, missing socks, and email responses. It’s all about starting your day with something calmer than a fire drill. 

01: Be Mindful of Your Mornings

Start your day with 5-10 minutes of meditation or deep breathing exercises. For myself, I also work in prayer and scripture study if I can. Write in a gratitude journal each morning and get into the habit of writing down three things you’re thankful for. You will be amazed at what impact such a little habit can have on your overall mental well-being.

02: Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

I use to claim I wasn’t a breakfast person and thought I was thriving by waiting until I felt ready to eat every day. However, when we do that we are actually putting more stress on our bodies and internal system. Opt for a warm, nourishing breakfast within 30 minutes of waking and make protein your focus. Doing so not only will keep you energized and full longer, but it will also allow for better cortisol levels, thyroid function, and a boosted metabolism.

03: Enjoy a morning walk or run

Sunlight before 10 AM in the winter is the secret sauce. We know the benefits of moving our body and getting our heart pumping, but soaking in those morning rays of sunshine when it’s there will do wonders not only for your health but your mind.

04: Get ready every day

I know, I know. With the weather being oh-so-frightful it’s all too easy to want to stay in sweats and cozy socks all day. However, getting dressed every day (no, leggings don’t count) and putting effort into our appearance can be a catalyst for our mood and productivity – especially in the depths of winter!

P.S. Those first four things above? I set a boundary for myself that they come first before anything else. Fill your cup, honey.

05: Stay hydrated

Keep a water bottle with you throughout your day. And enjoy herbal teas and warm lemon water for a comforting boost.

06: Move your body midday

Take a short walk after lunch. Not only will it allow you to soak in more of that sunshine if it’s there, but walking or stretching for a few minutes will help rejuvenate your body.

07: Be mindful of seasonal eating

Moving to a place like Tennessee, where access to locally grown food is plentiful, really changes one’s habits when it comes to food. One area that I flipped the script on in a big way was being mindful of the seasons and how that related to what we eat and when we eat it. Who knew that eating stuff that grows naturally at the same time you’re wearing three layers of clothing could be good for you? Turns out, Mother Nature knows a thing or two about timing.

For example, a cantaloupe in January isn’t going to give your body what it needs during the colder months. However, a sweet potato that is full of vitamins, potassium, and magnesium will give you all the immune-boosting nutrients, energy, and muscle-maintaining vitamins you need in the dead of winter.

Focus on protein and heartier foods, avoid sugar, and keep away from over-processed foods. This seasonal food guide is so helpful!

08: Unwind in the evening

Dedicate 30 minutes before bed to a relaxing activity such as reading or taking a warm detox bath (these magnesium bath flakes are the best). Also, practice a daily digital detox and turn screens off at least an hour before going to sleep.

09: Aim for quality sleep

If you feel yourself more naturally tired in the winter, that is by design. They say our bodies need up to two extra hours of sleep each night during the winter nights. Not sure where we are going to find those, but aim for 7-to 8 solid hours of quality sleep. You also want to maintain a consistent bedtime and waking time. 

And work on making your bedroom a sleep sanctuary. Think cool, dark, and quiet at night. I recently shared our simple cozy modern cottage bedroom, but can I turn your attention to the bedding? Because goodness gracious. They are life-changing. If you are looking to gift yourself this year, these are it. Organic stonewashed linen and not to mention, they are Oeko-Tex® certified because we can all use less toxins in our home and our lives, am I right?

10: Care for your skin

Self-care goes a long way in the winter. Make sure to moisturize your skin daily to combat the dry winter air. After washing my face, I love using this facial steamer followed by the Dime TBT cream (simply add KayaLayne20 at checkout for 20% off).

I also love dry brushing as well as extra exfoliating in the winter months to ensure I am sloughing off that dry, dead skin.

11: Stay social

Make sure to engage in social activities. Meet up with a friend for coffee, plan a dinner date with another couple. Whatever helps you to feel more human and brings you out of the house is going to do wonders for your mood.

12: Practice reflection

At the end of every day, spend a few minutes reflecting on your day, the past week, and even the past month. Take note of achievements or goals you have reached or have made progress towards completing. Set small, attainable goals to keep a sense of progress and purpose.

Discover how to live seasonally and the secret to thriving this winter! Dive into my guide for seasonal wellness and embracing these months as a time to slow down and recharge as busy moms and entrepreneurs. Click to transform your winter season! #WinterWellness #HealthAndWellness #SimpleLiving #Entrepreneur

Embrace quiet creativity

Winter is the perfect time to dust off that ‘I’ll do it someday’ list and dive into a winter-specific creative project. Why? Because nothing screams ‘I’m a productive snow queen’ like picking up knitting or finally starting on that organizing project. It’s the perfect antidote to feeling stir-crazy when it’s too cold and dreary to be outside. And while you’re getting cozy with your newfound hobbies, don’t forget about the power of reflecting on personal and business goals. With fewer distractions, winter is the ideal time to grab your planner and work through your upcoming months, season, and year. I put together a helpful guide for you when it comes to setting goals and strategic planning – feel free to download it here.

Nurture family connection

When outside is not an option, it’s the perfect time to relish in the time spent with the kids and the whole family. Break out the board games, puzzles, and ‘let’s see who can build the best fort’ challenges. Because let’s be real, nothing says quality family time like trying to beat everyone at Monopoly. Puzzles, and movie nights – it’s the perfect time to turn screens off, cozy up, and enjoy each other’s company.

I truly hope these tips and mindful habits help you as you embrace living seasonally and really thrive this winter season. Remember, you’re a human being who occasionally needs a break. Shocking, I know. I challenge you to embrace these months with open arms (and maybe a warm scarf). Slow down, expect less of yourself, enjoy the quiet stillness, and recharge.

Share your winter wins and all the creative ways you’re making this season work for you in the comments below!


December 13, 2023


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