The One With All the Emotions in a Nashville Salon


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The one with all of the emotions in a Nashville salon. Dive into the time I found myself crying over losing a foot of hair and what it all really meant. Now on

Somewhere between settling into the chair and witnessing a foot of hair cascade to the floor, he gazed at me through the mirror and asked,

“Are you nervous?”

Caught off guard by the question, I fell silent for a moment. I noticed my clenched hands beneath the cape, the pit in my stomach, and the strong urge to stand up and leave. If you don’t know this about me yet, take note: I am not the type of woman who hesitates about such things. What on earth was I so worked up about?

“I didn’t think I was! It’s just hair after all”, I replied. A smile appeared under his mustache. “It’s more than just hair though, isn’t it?” he softly responded.

What is it with these hair stylists that seem to cut right down to the very center of your soul? Is it a clandestine curriculum in the academy of hairstyling? Are they armed with scissors of emotional revelation? I mean, what is this wizardry?!

As I continued to sit there, feeling the weight lessen around my shoulders and neck, I started to understand what he meant by that. I grew more and more quiet as I thought about the past few years. A perpetual winter if there ever was one. There was the world losing its mind. A diagnosis that changed every aspect of our lives and one that came with a huge financial toll. A less-than-desirable move for our oldest to play his senior year of high school football at a new school (a risk that ended up not playing out the way he had hoped). And the rug being pulled out from underneath us just last summer as we faced the worst kind of deception that had the Bearded Gent walking away from his job. But hey, doing what is right, ethically and morally, is worth more than any kind of money. 

The white noise and swirling thoughts in my head came to a grinding halt as I looked up. I slowly ran my fingers through my now much shorter hair.

“Does it feel like a weight has been lifted?”

Tears welled up in my eyes. It was a haircut for crying out loud. Nothing more. Kara, get a grip. But it was like pulling back the curtain. The curtain I had tried so hard to keep good and tight as to ensure that no one saw the mess behind it all. The emotional, stressful, gut-wrenching mess.

Suddenly, I was the most exposed fully-clothed human there ever was. It was as if the foot of hair now lying on the floor instantly revealed how much I had withdrawn into myself during all the negative experiences of the past few years. A foot of hair was gone, and suddenly I was keenly aware of how long I had not felt like myself, how much the physical symptoms of stress had taken over, and how familiar they had become. It was as if every strand lying on the floor beneath my feet represented these past several years, and I was no longer attached to it.

By the way, I’m very well aware of how crazy this all makes me sound. I mean, I can read the headlines now:

Reclusive woman cuts hair and has manic emotional episode inside Nashville hair salon.’

But have you ever experienced such a sudden shift? A violent and emotional shove out of survival mode? An instant realization of how much you had forgotten who you are meant to be? Suddenly seeing so clearly what is no longer serving you, whether it be a story or belief you created while trying to keep your head above water? A dense fog that finally lifted?

I had spent these last several years merely trying to survive. Among the downshifting in my business, the pivot to content creation to keep my brand afloat, the sleepless nights, and endless research to serve my daughter’s health, all while educating five children and managing the household. No wonder I was having an emotional episode over hair.

But suddenly, I was keenly aware of how tightly I held onto those past traumas and beliefs. It’s funny how comfortable we become with the weight we carry, isn’t it? Almost as if it is a suitcase filled with our dearest belongings that we continue carrying from experience to experience with us. Whatever causes the fog to lift, the effect is a journey of shedding old skin (or in my case, hair) and becoming who we are truly meant to be. And knowing without a doubt, when it’s time to show up boldly and thrive. Past traumas and beliefs be damned.

With this dead weight lifted, both literally and figuratively, I have spent the last few months reflecting on a lot—from my business to my daily habits. And the more I reflected, the more things became crystal clear. I know what I want, I know the woman I want to be, I know the purpose I want to fulfill, and I know the life I want to live. Outside of that, nothing else matters. Absolutely nothing. I mean, heck, after two decades of daily and extreme caffeine consumption, I walked away from it three weeks ago cold turkey (Caffeine withdrawal tips coming soon).

The one with all of the emotions in a Nashville salon. Dive into the time I found myself crying over losing a foot of hair and what it all really meant. Now on

Old mindsets don’t serve in new seasons, after all.

In that same conquering spirit, things are going to look slightly different around here. Come to think of it, you probably will feel right at home. And that’s because I am returning to my roots within the realm of branding and design. Being deliberate in my creative energy, I felt very much that pure content creation never suited me all that well. Sure, working with brands and acting as a creative director to curate visuals is my love language. But the rest of it? Well, let’s just say creating trumps consuming every day of the week.

With this, comes a new north star. My modus operandi if you will:

Cultivate a well-designed life.

A new tagline that not only encapsulates the aesthetically pleasing but also a philosophy. As I thought long and hard about where my heart has always been when it comes to my creative endeavors—whether it was behind the camera shooting ad campaigns for national brands or helping business owners elevate their online presence—my heart has always been focused on living intentionally.

In a society dominated by over-consumption, fleeting trends, and AI, you and I don’t need more; we need intentional. We need meaningful. Beyond crafting iconic brands and creating compelling content that matters and inspires, it’s always been about crafting a legacy of intentional living.

In a world that is constantly chasing more, I can’t wait to show you that less isn’t just more – it’s the cornerstone of a life well-lived. One that is truly well-designed.

This renewed perspective (which I am assuming is from the foot of hair left back in that salon or perhaps the fact that I turn forty later this year—the jury is still out on that one) extends beyond just personal transformation. While the landscape of my content may shift ever-so-slightly, the core of this community remains unchanged. I am committed to providing inspiration that rises above the noise that we are bombarded with. I am committed to curating a space online where simplicity, style, and intentional living converge. A return to my roots while clearing the excess to get to the heart of things. To focus on what truly matters in a world that is hell-bent on making us forget.

I just have to say that I am beyond grateful for you. We have walked many seasons of life together, and the continued blessing has been your constant support through each of them. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy at times—not knowing when I will be showing up or how. Trust me, it’s been just as frustrating on this side of the relationship as I have wrestled with life and trials and those darn traumas and beliefs that they leave behind.

But change is the only constant in life, and I truly believe our collective evolution will carry us to extraordinary heights. Where we will catch fire in the pursuit of what is most important—cultivating an intentional life. One that we choose for ourselves. And the world could use women on fire right now, you know? On fire for themselves, for their families, and for their dreams.

Remember, you have the power to shape your narrative – your journey is uniquely yours. So here’s to those emotional breakdowns in the most unexpected places. May we use them for good. May we use them for catching on fire.

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February 12, 2024


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