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The Sunday of Summer... well, hello August. Sharing a few intentions and thoughts on shifting into neutral. Catch it now on!

And just like that, another summer in the books. Can you believe it? Are you still hanging on for the last moments of it or are you ready to move forward? August is like the Sunday of summer I feel like. A time of in-between. It’s no longer summer, but it’s not yet fall. Just a time to rest in the waiting. A time to shift into neutral and come down off the high of summer and all it entails.

Summer ’23 was a sweet one. Simple in the best ways as well as the worst ways, but still so good to us. I will forever remember this one as marking a major shift in this entire journey of motherhood. Watching Tanner step into his senior year and all the plans he has in football and college – no one prepares you for when motherhood no longer looks the same. Seventeen summers of all of my children being under the same roof and the next one may look entirely different. There’s no going back, just forward. And while I just know that there are so many exciting things ahead, I find myself mourning what once was. All the feels these days.

The Sunday of Summer... well, hello August. Sharing a few intentions and thoughts on shifting into neutral. Catch it now on!

With the onset of each season, I find myself mentally working through where I’m at, things I want to do and accomplish, intentions I want to set, etc. It’s sort of like a mini refresh that I get to look forward to four times a year. Just a chance to check in with me – give myself permission to take a pause among the chaotic pace of everyday life and all that comes with it. Make adjustments if needed, relish in things that I have grown through, and step forward into the next season with fresh eyes and a clear mind.

Maybe you do this too? Here is what is on my mind and heart currently…

A Few Seasonal Intentions

Simplify my mornings

I’m in a very busy season right now between business and home education and I have found myself slipping in my morning routine. Instead of focusing on what I need first to buoy myself amidst everything in life right now, I am rushing to check messages or respond to requests, even sitting at my desk first before sitting in thought or prayer. Missing out on the things that help build my foundation has felt uncomfortable. 

So, I’m looking forward to getting back to my rule of giving myself two hours when I wake up. Two hours to pray, read scripture, move my body, and get ready for the day without looking at my phone or opening my laptop. The very basic things that I know have the biggest impact on my well-being and that allows me to serve everyone and everything else better. Two hours for me before I let the rest of the world in. 

Focus on gratitude

Within our home studies, I have always had the kids begin their day with gratitude journaling. Just a simple practice of writing down a few things in a composition notebook that comes to mind each day so we can ensure that we are continually focusing on abundance and not lack. I’m feeling like I need to put this into practice as well.

There are huge benefits to not only noticing everything we have to be grateful for, but the act of writing them down and the science behind it is powerful.  So my plan is to take the same 15 minutes at the start of our studies and do the same.

Go deeper, not wider

When the world wants more, I find myself wanting less. Far less. There was a time when I felt, as a business owner, that unless I was everywhere I would get nowhere. However, I have come to realize in our over-stimulated and bombarded society that is not true at all. A perfect example is when Threads was launched last month. You saw a clamoring for the next dopamine hit and the promise of a huge audience if you were willing to take advantage of a new opportunity.

There I sat wanting absolutely nothing to do with it. Not a single ounce of fomo. Why? Because don’t we have enough already? And what are we truly doing with it?

I’m listening to my gut on this one. With the holiday season around the corner and the feeling of chaos it can bring, I’m focusing on going deeper with you, this community, and within my business. Not wider.

(I will be sharing more about this and how to cultivate an intentional business with my email subscribers for the August edition of TIL next week. I would love to include you on my list – simply leave your email for me right here!)

Soak in the sunshine 

I know, I know. Summer is ending but where we live the warmth will continue and I have a craving to make sure I soak up every last bit of it that I can. As someone who struggles with winter blues, I know that I will be glad I did when we are in the middle of January and things are feeling a bit dark. 

What about you? Ready to dive into the fall months? Anything you are looking forward to the most or intentions you are setting? 

August 1, 2023


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