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Another edition of Casual Friday on the blog - chatting all things fall and life of a homemaker. Head to the blog to get inspired!

Well, hello lovely weekend. I hope you have had a wonderful week, friend! Has fall found you where you are at? I have to say the last few days here in Nashville have been breezy and chilly and it has put the biggest smile on my face. The leaves are just beginning to fall and you can see a sprinkle of golden color slowly making itself known. Goodness gracious, I adore this time of year. On a personal note, I have a handful of things added to various carts, but when we were dealing with 90 degrees just last week I was not in the mood to be buying sweaters and jackets. But okay, Nashville… you’ve twisted my arm!

Let’s dive into another edition of Casual Friday, shall we?

The Homemaker Life Lately

I came across a post this week from @MotherhoodUntitled (if you hang out with me on Instagram, you might have caught it). It was an excerpt from an essay written but it so perfectly explains the conversation I had to have with myself this past summer. 

“‘Remember, you are not managing an inconvenience, you are raising a human being.’ The line snagged my thoughts. How many times have I been so wrapped up in keeping my family to a schedule, clearing toy clutter, or hitting work deadlines that anything that interfered – sweet children included – had me simmering with quiet rage? How often has an interruption from my little ones scattered my thoughts and left me irritated and longing for time alone? This isn’t to say that children can’t be frustrating, disruptive, or even annoying. Rather, if we shift the lens to reveal that they are the job, they are the task, they are the ultimate priority we get to enjoy in this life, then everything else is interrupting that experience instead.”

Previously I have shared how the last year has felt like one thing after another that has continually kept me from meeting work obligations, self-imposed deadlines, and the vision of what I wanted me year to look like. I was driving myself mad, feeling defeated if I hadn’t had a spare minute to show my face on stories, or post to my wellness group, or miss a week sending out my letter to subscribers. All the while I was forgetting the reason for it all. I was forgetting why I work hard in the first place.

Another edition of Casual Friday on the blog - chatting all things fall and life of a homemaker. Head to the blog to get inspired!

It’s all for them. These incredible humans who I find myself in awe of daily. And I was allowing that to be clouded by self-imposed stress over things I have control over. At least my emotions about them. So I basically had to say ‘screw it’. There are going to be things missed sometimes. It doesn’t mean I’m failing. It means I am keeping the bigger picture in mind. Oh, and raising five humans! No big deal.

Do I still hate dropping the ball? You bet. Sputtering out on Instagram stories in the middle of my 30-day guide to low-tox living this month? I definitely had some words for myself. Felt embarrassed. But then I was reminded that people are massively busy in their own lives and just maybe my feelings of being a disappointment were self-induced. And of course, rinse and repeat these conversations for the rest of my time as a working mother.

I don’t know if it is opting out of everything for basically two years straight and then getting back to the regular that has everyday life feeling more manic. Or if it is truly just more manic because I have no babies anymore to help me slow down with nap times and feedings. Either way though, life is moving fast. Do you feel that too? And I don’t want to be moving so fast that I miss things like morning cuddles and conversations. And oh, those leaf hearts found by little hands on an afternoon walk.

Because they are the experience. Everything else is mere bonus.

P.S. I have every intention of still hustling. I don’t know how to slow down. I’m just working on doing it without the self-deprecating talk and unrealistic expectations of what one woman can accomplish in a healthy manner is all. Wink!

Another edition of Casual Friday on the blog - chatting all things fall and life of a homemaker. Head to the blog to get inspired!

Five Friday Favorites

I have been busy sprinkling fall throughout our house for the past month. And yes, still going strong because I just can’t seem to get enough of it. I love the transition into a slower and cozier season. Another round of Friday Favorites and these five are the perfect fall vibe between the added texture and the autumn color. And that throw blanket is such a great Amazon find that I have loved for two years now!

Catch the sources just below right here, but be sure you are following me over on the LTK app. I have been a member for several years, but just now starting to curate a feed for those that want to shop what I share. Hope to see you over there!

Another edition of Casual Friday on the blog - chatting all things fall and life of a homemaker. Head to the blog to get inspired!


My Fall Playlist

I find myself always wanting the right vibe based on the time of year. And fall is that sweet, sweet slow down. I’ve been curating some new favorite songs over on Spotify and wanted to make sure and share them with you! Whether it’s while in the kitchen cooking dinner or on slower mornings spent cuddled up in bed, you can find my autumn playlist right here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been!

Another edition of Casual Friday on the blog - chatting all things fall and life of a homemaker. Head to the blog to get inspired!

Fall Fun from the Archives

In case you are needing just the right touch of something to welcome October this weekend, I wanted to link up some past posts that have been big hits and reader favorites this time of year!

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Black Velvet Ghost Cupcakes

Any fun plans for the weekend? We are heading to cheer on our favorite quarterback tonight (will probably be sharing peeks of the game in my stories). And the rest of this weekend will be one of slowing down and really soaking in time together. Wishing you a wonderful one!!

September 30, 2022


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