A Day Date of Shopping and Nekter Juice Bar

A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar #Marriage #Dating #PhoenixLiving #Nekter

This week I got to steal away with this handsome man for a quick outing. A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar. I know – a bit mundane and extremely simple. However, with five cubs at home and running two businesses we have grown to realize that we need to find time to be just the two of us no matter how small of an opportunity. For so long I think we put dating each other on the back burner because, well, life happens. Whether it was schedules, or having little ones, or the times when there was more month at the end of the money. This past year it has finally caught up to us and we realized that we needed to get back to dating and focusing on us as much as we can. It also makes it easier that we have entered a new season of life where our oldest children are capable of staying home with the little ones which we are so incredibly thankful for.

A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar #Marriage #Dating #PhoenixLiving #Nekter

We decided to head over to the Norterra area and visit the TJ MAXX / Home Goods over there. It’s really the best of both worlds! I have been needing to focus on upping my wardrobe game because since having Brooks I feel like I have nothing to wear. And because I will be in and out of the house more with school being back in session and maintaining a crazier schedule, I need to start chipping away at feeling a little more refreshed and confident in my style.

I normally stick to my neutrals, but this top was so cute. The dressing room lights made the color in this picture off, but the top is a kelly green color. And I think for the fall with a great pair of boots and matching leather belt and skinnies, it will be so cute. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this exact top for you if you are interested, but I did find almost the identical style of blouse by the same brand right here at Nordstrom Rack. I think I might even grab that one in black. I loved the fit and quality of this brand.

A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar #Marriage #Dating #PhoenixLiving #Nekter

I love the look of a crisp white blouse with a good pair of jeans. Except, I hate how confining button down blouses can feel sometimes. Remember, I am not even a year postpartum and I have been very patient in diving into a rigorous routine to get my body back so I am still wanting to be comfortable while also masking some of the baby weight I am carrying. This blouse was perfect! I absolutely love the collar on it and the way it drapes right at my midsection. It has one simple snap to keep it closed and I always adore a good long back to a blouse. Why? Because I really don’t care for high waisted jeans (anyone else?) and I like feeling like I can move and handle little ones and all the mom things without showing off too much. While I wasn’t able to find this same top, I did a search for drape front blouses at Nordstrom – all different colors, overall sleeve styles and price points. If you are looking for wardrobe picks to help mask the remaining baby tummy, there are a few great options right here.

A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar #Marriage #Dating #PhoenixLiving #Nekter A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar #Marriage #Dating #PhoenixLiving #Nekter

I also ended up with a great new pair of skinny jeans as well as a pair of gorgeous muted pink paper bag waisted pants. While I really don’t buy into a lot of the “latest” or “trendy” fashion, I do like the whole paper-bag-waisted-pant-style when done the right way. And because this specific TJ Maxx location is also a Home Goods we did a little browsing and I found the cutest stool for the girls room in a style that I have had my eye on! Remember awhile back when I shared all about the girls bedroom makeover and my plans for it? First off, yes… I am still chipping away at their room as well as the boys room. Why do home projects take so long?! Second, while I am keeping things soft and neutral, I am also wanting to find just a few punches of soft color and this blush colored stool was perfect! You can find the almost identical stool here on Amazon or here at World Market.

Ladies, find yourself a man who is secure enough with his manhood to carry a pink furry decorative stool through the parking lot without even wincing! Hahaha!

A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar #Marriage #Dating #PhoenixLiving #Nekter

We also jumped next door to Old Navy to pick up a few things for the kiddos as well as my favorite T-shirts there. Their luxe tees are the best and I always buy one size larger so I can knot the hem to the side in order to create the draping effect myself. Again, more masking of that darn tummy area whenever and however I can!

A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar #Marriage #Dating #PhoenixLiving #Nekter

On our way back home we finally stopped in to try the new Nekter Juice Bar that opened up in our neighborhood. I loved the vibe and the overall design of it – mix of wood finishes and clean white marble. We ordered the Slender Greens to share and it was really delicious. And I loved that it didn’t effect my stomach. I struggle with sugar and other juices or shakes which make me sick almost immediately – places like Jamba Juice where they include yogurts, sherberts, added sugars, etc.

Nekter is completely natural and I had zero effects from it which was so nice.

A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar #Marriage #Dating #PhoenixLiving #Nekter A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar #Marriage #Dating #PhoenixLiving #Nekter A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar #Marriage #Dating #PhoenixLiving #Nekter

We then stopped in at the bank (so romantic of us) and then picked up an early dinner for the whole family to take back home. It was so nice to be able to talk without being interrupted or tween-ager ears listening and we promised each other to make more time for outings like this on a regular basis.

However, life also happens and sometimes you are just trying to survive. If you are reading this and feeling like you will never get there with your spouse, I promise you that patience is everything. You are not the only people who are going through a harder season and not be in a place where regular dates can happen whether it be because of time or money. We have gone an entire year before without a single traditional date (of course we have had evenings alone at home or falling asleep in bed to talk and catch up)! And while I wouldn’t advise it, I also understand it. We’ve been there. We were just there. You aren’t alone. Be patient and do what you can now to let your significant other know that they are loved. Whether it be a random note left in their car or a message written on the bathroom mirror.

I think that is what we learned most. We didn’t need big dates or even vacations alone to feel like we were doing OK in the harder times – it was in the little things. It’s that big hug when they walk in the door, it’s the opening of the car door even if you are just driving to the grocery store. It all adds up and strengthens you to get through those tougher seasons.

So grateful for this guy as my partner. And I’m looking forward to more time together!

A day date of shopping and Nekter Juice Bar #Marriage #Dating #PhoenixLiving #Nekter

August 3, 2018


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